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Social Initiatives

Why is this important For Digics?

We thought that when our Time, Expertise, and Opinion help our customer to save their time, increase their profit and grow their business then why not contribute towards something bigger.

Becoming a contributor towards the larger goal which is contributing towards our society gave us the opportunity to understand our life & its importance from different perspectives.

Life is too short to do so many things, we don’t want to wait till we get older so it’s better we should do something for our society when we have the required proficiency.

How We Contribute

  • Created YouTube Channel. Now we see lot of people who came to visit IAMD they found them on Youtube
  • Gave suggestions on how to create an impactful & engaging video.
  • Created basic hygiene on social media platforms.
  • Listed IAMD on various marketplaces.
  • Designed & Developed the complete website.
  • Provide technical assistance, etc.
  • Suggested team IAMD to build content related to symptoms instead of muscular dystrophy.
  • We work as marketing consultants.
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