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This is the most popular question asked by new clients besides the 1500% ROAS from Digics.

It’s not about giving up on any business, it’s about accountability to take responsibility for one’s self. We can not help every business if they are not willing to help themselves, we straightway say to all our clients, if you are not going to involve with us, we won’t be able to generate the desired results for your business, and there is no point in us to get involved in your marketing,


This is teamwork, and we can’t win the game if we are playing alone. We’ll unable to generate the desired results until you are fully involved with us.

Maybe it’s bad timing. We don’t know what is going on with your business. We tell our customers that, We’ll always be right here, But the thing is you have to call us, and We’ll be just a call away from you,

Generating leads to converting leads is a long & complex process, if the agency is not aware of the concern areas then they and won’t be able to optimize the ads campaign & related audience. Suggestions and recommendations given by the agency have to be implemented at the advertiser’s end. Otherwise, it doesn’t matter how beautiful the idea or strategy was eventually the outcome will not be the pleasant one.