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1. Websites that are customer-oriented are the websites that are ROI oriented.

2. Your website should amaze the customer, not make them feel like they’re lost in a maze searching for navigation.

3. Your website shouldn’t serve more than what your customers can chew! Relevant information is ‘the’ word.

4. Development is a two-way street. One leads to information and the other should always be open for client feedback.

5. Pictures worth a thousand words! Quality images attract eyeball. What they also attract is business!

6. The tapestry of a website should be like a well-balanced movie where each character (information), scene ( color scheme), dialogue ( content) is well presented to the audience ( customer )

7. Keep it simple & self-explanatory, because people understand simple.

8. A king with a mighty army is of no use if the turf he’s fighting on doesn’t belong to him! Domain control is how you can checkmate unprecedented challenges.

9. Complete information is imperative, otherwise, your website is impaired! Keep a tab on hosting service and yearly website maintenance cost.

10. Purpose precedes action! Know the significance of your website before you swing into development mode.Website

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