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Big companies work on Brand Presence whereas on the other hand small companies only pay attention to the lead generation.

It’s simply because their vision & working style is different.

Big Corporation’s Brand Presence Strategy While promoting at a big scale big corporations don’t have to answer 5 Ws (what, why, how, where, who) types of primary questions after their strong brand promotion. They don’t have to demonstrate that how they are best in the market because they have indirectly injected their all USPs to their relevant audience mind with the strong brand promotion. For their sales team, it’s like referral leads. And we all know this fact that, it’s very easy to convert referral leads. Final Result (Customer comes to brand & don’t bargain with price)

Small & Medium Business’s Lead Generation Strategy:– On the other hand, A small company spends too much time to explain about 5 Ws. And also strives to explain to the end user why a client should buy their product & end up spending more manpower and resources in the very limited small geographical area. If before buying their product or services when someone searches about the small company they are not present anywhere so trust factor (Brand Presence) was the major issue to convince end user.  Final Result  (Company goes to the customer & negotiate price)

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Big brand don’t hire salesman for whole world they create strong digital presence.

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